Behind the Brand

Modern holistic beauty honoring old world rituals.

We believe in safe, non-toxic beauty formulated with clean ingredients in responsible packaging. We believe less is more and that our beauty habits should cultivate self-love while providing a multi-sensory experience embracing our mind, body and soul. We believe that skin care is self care. This belief has resulted in an innovative multifunctional collection of performance driven self care products creating a unique world of beauty that offers a more meaningful experience. 

Inspired by the grandeur of nature while honoring the epic beauty practices of yesteryear our multifunctional line offers versatility that is unrivaled. With our signature apothecary approach, every step of a beauty ritual can be fully customized. Each universal product is made to support healthy skin and has the ability to be used as is or can be customized for a boost creating a unique perfect skin care experience. The collection truly elevates daily rituals while offering superior functionality.

Our plant-based skincare is lovingly hand crafted with intention in small batches. We great take pride in sourcing high quality ingredients for our original formulas rich in natural and organic ingredients. Eternal Apothic products are created without the use of any harsh chemicals or preservatives, phthalates, parabens, nano-materials, petrochemicals, fillers, synthetic fragrances/dyes or animal testing, many of our products are suitable for Vegan and Gluten-Free lifestyles. We hope you'll enjoy!


Founder of Eternal Apothic

Envisioned by a northern Californian artist, alchemist and aesthetician is the notion our daily grooming habits can also embrace experiential sensory indulgences raising our vibrational frequency projecting positivity and gratitude. As a celebration of timeless and everlasting beauty, Alyson Osburn founder of Eternal Apothic made it her quest to offer performance driven botanically based home self-care products with attention to creating memorable experiences. 

After 15 years of working in the treatment room providing result-oriented facials, Alysons hands on experience is transformed here into a superior spa quality skin care line. Always looking for ways to enrich our self-care rituals and with an enduring love of the natural world she created the Eternal Apothic universal collection - ideal for a wide range of skin types. With her attention to detail comes an extra-ordinary experience inspired by ancient plant wisdom and multi-cultural beauty rituals: Eternal Apothic is the ultimate multi-functional all natural self-care elevating ones entire being.


"When I reflect on the simplest of things that can bring joy, relieve stress and restore well being it reminds me exactly why I became involved in the beauty industry in the first place. As a farmers daughter, I developed an affinity to plants and their multitude of healing powers at an early age. Between the farm and being raised by a mother who loves to cook (I spent endless hours under her elbows in the kitchen, developing my awareness and ability to layer flavors, textures, aromas and colors in the food world - however I have found the same basic fundamentals translate into creating a valued formula.)  And as I grew, so did those passions, which led me in my skin care journey. In 2001 I started my first business making herbal infused soap, salves and basic beauty treatments. That experience lit a flaming desire for more knowledge about the skin, its function and how botanicals fit in. Ever since, I have taken great pride helping to improve a persons daily life with creating meaningful moments of self-care, either at home or in the treatment room."