Become an Affiliate

Are you interested in being a part of our community and spreading the word about Eternal Apothic while earning a generous commission from the sales you generate?

We take pride in fostering the concept of Cultivating Beauty with Intention and have created an affiliate program as an opportunity to talk about the products you love while working toward elevating your own destiny.

Can you really make money?

Yes, you can! The program was created for those who are inspired to create new opportunities for themselves. Eternal Apothic provides extensive product knowledge to support affiliates in their journey to success. We also work closely with each affiliate to create incentives and promotions helping to foster a rewarding symbiotic relationship creating abundance for everyone!

We have found that individuals who enjoy more success have several things already in place. First and foremost, they are authentic fans with a genuine love for Eternal Apothic. Authenticity translates into passion. Affiliates sell better and feel better about selling when they are sharing about products they truly believe in and love. We are dedicated to developing a tribe of affiliates who are inspired by our products and have a love for clean beauty with a desire to encourage human kindness.

Secondly, they have an established online presence with social media followers already in alignment with concepts true to EA. We are creating opportunities for individuals who are currently doing similar work and are a good fit for our brand with a voice built on honesty and trust.

And lastly, affiliates who have a social media follower count at 5K or above tend to have an audience sizable enough to create opportunities. Of course, there are always exceptions to this. Each application goes through a review process and not everyone is accepted but we encourage anyone interested to apply. We might surprise you, especially if your online presence is such that the alignment is spot on and your following is in the lower range, but growing.

How does it work?

As an affiliate, you will use a link with your own specific code to share information about our products, promotions, reviews and other exciting news in order to create referral sales earning a percentage as money. Affiliates can treat it as their own marketing campaign to inspire others to purchase the products being shared. 


Affiliates make a commission of the sales generated from their unique link. For more information on our Terms of Service click for the application.


If this opportunity inspires you, please click HERE to appy or login!

Affiliate commissions do not apply to wholesale orders.